What’s Heaven Like

imageAs a child, I established a vision of heaven based on pictures in Bibles and other art that reflected a peaceful place with pearly gates and streets of gold.  Later I read about heaven. And  I listened to preachers at funerals who assured grieving families of no more pain and no more tears.

In my current study in the book of Revelation I’m reading about fierce animals and mighty angels.  I read about a war in heaven.  I read about blood and fire coming from heaven.

Well, I will say that my vision has changed.  But I am also wise enough to know that my vision is nowhere close to correct.

However, I am sure that it is a place I want to spend eternity, regardless of my current study!


imageIsn’t technology great?!?  This Sunday AM the ice and snow has closed our local church service.  However, through modern technology we can join our Only-Begotten-Daughter in worship at her church in Coppell, Texas.


Oh my! It’s January again … 2016. Time flies ✈️ !!! Are blogs still pertinent? Are they still read? Well … I guess reaction to this post, if any, may answer that question.

Seven years have past since my last blog post…and I’m now enrolled in Social Security and Medicare. My calendar is sprinkled with doctor appointments. My medical vocabulary has matured. My grand babies are in full speed headed to young adulthood. My father just turned 90. I’ve entered into a 7 year retirement transition. Yes, time flies.

Should I begin to formally prepare my bucket list?:

…sky dive with Maggie on her 18th b-day

…50th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii in 2019

…RV fun trip with father, son and grandson (four generations)

…attend college graduation of all three grandchildren

…payoff my home and be debt free

Well, based on this short (unfinished) list, one can see that I’ve been blessed over the years. May we all enjoy peace, health and joy, as January 2016 unfolds and joins the hallways of history.

What A MOnth!

January 2009…what a month!  And it is not over yet.  Good and bad and everywhere between.  This has been an emotional, soul searching and trying three weeks.  It is during times like these that Romans 8:28 provided comfort.  Am I glad that God is in control!  I assure you that we are not. 

Good = I got my bonus check, I started a BSF mens Bible study, my father had his 83rd birthday and my wife still loves me…and Tina still has a birthday to come this month.

Bad = Fischer’s illness and hospitalization, the childrens’ shifting professional priorities, my brother-in-law’s current hospitalization and a few other straws on the camel’s back.

But the greatest news of all is that our family’s love will share the burdens and multiply the joys. 

2009 has a lot to unfold.  But I fear not knowing that the love of God and family will overcome any and all darts and challenges that come our way.

Hearing Aid Day

What did you say?  I said today is “hearing aid day”.  What does that mean?  Today I drive to the VA Hospital in Columbia to pick up my hearing aid.  Why must you go to the VA Hospital in Columbia?  That is the place where a veteran gets audiology services.  Was it difficult to get into the VA process?  Not after making an appointment and waiting a long time.  How did you qualify for this through the VA?  I lost some hearing a long time ago when serving in the Air Force.  What happened to cause the loss?  I was rather immature and decided not to go to the flight surgeon, but flew a mission anyway, the air pressure in the aircraft caused further damage to my ear which was already hurting.  Why didn’t you go to the flight surgeon?  I did not want to be pulled off combat status and expose myself to being called a coward for not flying in combat.  Was that very smart?  No, but I was young and not real mature.  So are you now paying for it the rest of your life?  Yes, but the price is far less than 58 thousand paid while serving in Viet Nam.

Doctors Aren’t God

It seems to be human nature to look at doctors with a high level of respect-perhaps too high which is not necessarily a fault of theirs.  Doctors simply do not know the answers, the cures or even the attacking disease from time to time.  I watched my mother-in-law suffer through an undiagnosed cancer for several weeks and only her autopsy was able to answer questions that fine well educated doctors could not do while she hung on to those last days of her life.

With Fischer’s recent hospitalization (and he is not well yet) the doctors seemed to display a compassionate outpouring.  However, they could not diagnose the problem with any accuracy in the beginning.  Sophisticated procedures include a CAT scan, a spinal tap and finally an MRI was needed to make a diagnosis.  What did the world do less than a generation ago, when none of those procedures existed? 

So one can only conclude that doctors are simply well educated human beings.  They are not God.  If we make them such, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.  And this is not a comment that points to a doctor’s mistake but one of the health services consumer…or me anyway.  I always need to be reminded that God created this challenging product, the human body, in His image.  So the creator is surely the one and only true Physician.  And He will never disappoint!

4:45 pm

Just getting home…yuck…it was a 3 hour discharge because some doctors were in a meeting for a VERY LONG time.

1:00 pm

Getting discharged.  Yippee.

11:45 am

Good news.  Test results are back from the MRI and the pediatric neurologist is sure that this is a case of acute cerebullar ataxia or Cerebelitus.

So, this should go away over the next few days.  That is good news.

Also, the culture from the spinal tap came back negative, so more good news.

Now, we just have to surround him while walking because it is like he is learning to walk again with all the wobbling.

Going home as soon as we can sweet talk the nurses.

11:05 am

Fischer just got out of his MRI and is awake now.

Here are some pics so you can see him finally able to eat for the first time today.

He has much made improvement today and we are hoping to hear some good news back from his culture. (takes 48 hours)

We are anticipating coming home very soon, especially since this all begun by a pediatrician visit for a what we thought was an ear infection.

Thanks for the support and prayers.

Oh yeah, Oslow, the floor black lab, came by to see Fischer…that was certainly a highlight of the morning.